Back from Indonesia by Christian COULOMBE

Lot of incredible shots made over there with some Free divers from Australia Julia Wheeler, Amber, and from Ocean Prada Bali. Leina , and more. Wonderful and graceful ♥ Mermaids ♥

Underwater dancing by Christian COULOMBE

Francis and Aurelie are experts free-divers. They had prepared some figures for that shooting, but their practice underwater, with "empty lungs" has appeared to be more difficult than expected.
With no sensation of weight and few visual references, make a figure is a real challenge !

Sup Sailing underwater by Christian COULOMBE

Thanks to @mathieu_fouliard who lent me a perfect RRD sail for that series !
My two sailors for the occasion were quite performing, even though the bottom was 5 meters deep. Congrats & @maronuirichmond, you made it good !

Underwater Fashion Show by Christian COULOMBE

First Underwater Fashion Show was completed last Saturday with Mermaid Marie-Clémence et her assistant Annabelle.
The red carpet is lying on a sand bottom at about 4 meters deep. Flower pots and stones hold it in place.
The Dress was made by Christopher Prenat for a Miss Tahiti show. It's made of tulle, shells and pearls.
Underwater Fashion Show : Check the video :
Video Editor AnnaProd


Fakarava by Christian COULOMBE

My trip to Fakarava was sort of adventure last week !
The following day after my arrival at Tetamanu (south channel) we had to face heavy rains and winds up to 50kts !
Everything was so wet, and water started dripping from the vegetal roof in my room.
The journey back to the north channel took three times longer than usual and was very rough. Finally the aircraft was unable to land with 40kts crosswind, and I found myself stuck in Fakarava in the storm.
The following night, the runway was completely inundated with debris and rubbish brought by the strong waves of the ocean.
I finally left on the fourth day, to Tahiti.
This is how it is sometimes during the rainy season in the Pacific ...